About Steve Harpster

Steve Harpster has illustrated over 200 books for kids and his illustrations appear on countless numbers of toys, games, greeting cards, and more. After designing a wide variety of product lines for other companies, Harpster, decided to to create his own series of books called Harptoons How-to-Draw books which he publishes and distributes on his own. Harpster, also visits schools all over the country where he demonstrates his fun cartoon lessons to a live audience. 

Harpster's love of drawing started in first grade after he realized he could tell entire stories with drawings.  At that early age it was Harpster's goal to become a cartoonist, animator, and illustrator. Harpster has earned several awards for his drawing over the years but his greatest achievement are the fans that have contacted him through the years thanking him for the inspiration and encouragement his lessons have given them. 

Harptooniacs was created in 2023 with the goal of reaching more artists through the internet. Commercial free, safe content, that can be accessed almost any where and at any time. The goal of Harptooniacs is to get kids drawing, imagining, and writing. When a child draws they are actually creating a story on paper with lines and shapes. It is the belief of Harptooniacs that every drawing tells a story.